The Importance of checking / analysing dog semen

The Importance of checking / analysing dog semen

Sperm testing is an important step to ensure your male dog is suitable for stud duties, it not only gives trust but will show the quality of his semen/analysis.

If you’re paying costly stud fees, you want to be sure that your stud dog’s sperm is the healthiest it can be to ensure a successful pregnancy. A sperm count in the 150-500 million sperm per millimetre is the optimal range for successful breeding. We would expect a good semen sample to have less than 10% abnormal sperm with at least 70% forward motility.
As part of our male dog fertility testing, we assess the following factors:
Canine sperm count

Canine sperm count

Sperm motility

Forward motility

Sperm morphology


Bacteria (for infections)

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