Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time I get asked all kinds of questions about ultrasound scanning and pet microchipping. Here I have put together some of the most often asked questions.

General Questions

1. Can you tell me how many puppies my bitch is having?

No, I can only confirm pregnancy and give you an estimate on numbers. The best time for scanning is 28-35 days after the first mating, at this time the sacs are small and don’t obstruct each other.

2. Is ultrasound scanning safe?

Yes, ultrasound scanning has been around for many years and so far there is no evidence to prove otherwise.

3. Should I change my dogs diet during pregnancy?

It is a good idea to introduce a good quality puppie food into her diet for an adequate intake of calcium. It is important for her milk production so that Puppies bones development and form properly.

4. How much extra food should I give my pregnant bitch?

Her food should be increased by around 15-25 percent by the time of her whelping, this will ensure her weight gain and nutrition reserves that she needs.

5. Should I worm my pregnant bitch?

It is somthing I personally wouldn’t recommend, it isnt nesesery to put any extra chemicals into mum and pups.

6. Can you give me due dates for time of whelping?

I can measure the foetal sac between 28-35 days, it is more accurate in early gestation but again this is only a guide line for whelping.

7. Can I still take my pregnant bitch for her walk?

It is best to keep her and the unborn pups away from where other dogs walk especially if she is nearing her due date. However, it is good for her to get some sort of exercise so why not take her on a safe short walk.

8. Should I trim back dogs belly hair?

If her hair is very long or thick then it may be a good idea to trim it back carefully so that pups don’t have such a hard time finding the nipples.

9. Can a pregnant dog get morning sickness?

Yes. It is very common for pregnant dogs to experience sickness and loss of appetite. Mainly in the early and late stages of pregnancy.

10. At what age can I get my pet microchipped?

Anytime from 8-10 weeks old but if very small 12-14 weeks old.

11. Will microchipping hurt?

It may cause a little discomfort but is quickly over within minutes.

12. If my pet gets lost what will happen when found?

If lost, he or she can be scanned and the owners details found on the database to be reunited.

13. How long does a microchip last?

A microchip is guaranteed to last for the life of your pet and needs no care at all.

14. Can a microchip come out?

It has been known but it is extremely rare for this to happen.

15. What does the law say about microchipping?

It is compulsory from April 2016 that all dogs in the UK be legally required to be microchipped. If caught without a chip you could face up to £500 fine.

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