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Emergency Silicone Nipple Feeder

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Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement

Palatable Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement developed for young animals and whelping bitches / nursing queens. It may also be used on older animals as a diet supplement which is added to their drinking water

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Soft Silicone hazel aspirator vacuum nose sucker

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Sterile Tube Feeding Kit

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Puppy Colostrum

200g of puppy colostrum to use as a routine first feed for puppies in the first 36 hours of life & 50ml of vet & pet drops which is a high energy supplement with vitamins & trace elements for new born puppies.

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Puppy Hydration Supplement

Puppy Hydration Supplement that replaces essential salts & minerals lost through dehydration and heat stress. Perfect for all breeds especially flat faced, short nosed dogs.

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Puppy Stim

To provide a readily available source of energy and stimulate small, weak, underweight new born or failing puppies.

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Silicone Nasel Aspirator

Silicone Nasal Aspirator Vacuum nose mucus shot.

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Nutri-Vit Plus

A high calorie, tasty & nutritional supplement providing a range of essential vitamins & minerals for your dog & cat. These nutrients work together as a aid in maintaining your pet’s overall health, providing extra energy & nutrition in an easily digestible paste. This is especially important if your pet is not eating sufficient amounts of food or is convalescing after an illness or operation, Nutri-vit Plus will help stimulate appetite & increase weight gain, thereby making your pet happy, healthy & energetic once again.

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Royal Canin

Great product, I use this on my lactating mother’s before, during & after they’ve had their litters. I then go onto use it whilst weaning the pups and have never once had a issue, all my pets thrive whilst using this.

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