Ultrasound Scanning

Why scan?

You may be thinking of scanning your bitch to confirm pregnancy, check for a healthy pregnancy or even rule out pyometra. I am qualified to carry out safe and pain-free ultrasound scans in a stress-free environment or in the comfort of your own home. As soon as you think your bitch may be pregnant scanning may confirm this. Getting this diagnosis means you can monitor her progress and condition throughout the gestation.

Scanning your pet will confirm pregnancy (or not) so this is a very useful tool for breeders planning the management of breeding plans. The ultrasound (from 28 days) can give you an idea of the litter size and detect any possible anomalies. More importantly perhaps, it can predict the time of whelp. The costs are very competitive compared to those of Veterinary surgeries.

Ultrasound scanning in house clinic is £30 but also offer a mobile sevice please contact for price .

When to scan?

The ideal time for confirming a pregnancy is 28 days after first mating but scans can take place anytime after this point to give an estimate of foetal age. After 35 days when the embryos start to change, I can assess health. In late scans, ribs, spinal columns, stomach cavities and beating heart can be detected. If you bring your bitch too early this often results in a negative or inconclusive scan and second (chargeable) scanning.


Process and safety procedures.

Your girl’s wellbeing is my priority and I work in a calm, gentle and methodical manner so as not to upset or unsettle her. Scanning is non-invasive and safe and there is no need for anaesthetic or sedation. Scans can be carried out while your dog is stood or laying down, whichever is more suitable. The gel is water based and safe to use on her abdomen to ensure a clear picture. If you bitch has excessive hair on her belly I recommend trimming back a small area. Probes are disinfected after every use to prevent cross contamination and spread of infection.


Contact Us for more info.

Appointments are available 7 days a week including out of hours.

Please call — 07525-326-575

AT MPS we believe in giving our customers the best experience & thats why we will only use the latest high end resolution imaging equipment on the market, with impressive Imagery.

However we do not offer print off’s, however customers are welcome to video or take photo’s.