Artificial Insemination

Why are dog breeders using artificial insemination?

Increasing number of breeders are turning to AI because it is proven to be the most reliable, effective and safe way of securing pregnancy. Some dogs cannot breed naturally, so the benefits of AI are extremely rewarding and safe for both dog and bitch. Viral or bacterial infections such as canine herpes can be passed on during natural breeding and can be passed to puppies during pregnancy or milk after they are born.

Artificial insemination is a much safer option and it’s our job to make it as stress free as possible for both dog and owners. We use sterile packaged  catheters and syringes  This can be carried out at our clinic or in the comfort of your home to to maximize any nerves or stress as your bitch as her wellbeing is our priority, success rates are high and a better safer option price in clinic is £35 and mobile prices depend on mileage so please contact for further information


The desirable number of sperm in the ejaculation should be around 18 – 25 million or more. Final sperm numbers and ejaculate volume are affected by sexual activity. Ejaculates will have fewer sperm when collected during a sexual active period compared to that collected after a period of sexual arrest.


Evaluation of the structure of the individual sperm as sperm has three parts:

  • Head: Capo called an acrosome
  • Mid-piece: Location of the mitochondria (energy source)
  • Tail: To propel up the reproductive tract

All three parts are important.

Other cells or bacteria.

Finally, a look at the cells and bacteria in the sample. Normally there are few cells seen but certain prostatic disease may cause high numbers to be present.

Semen Evaluation

After the collection of the semen using a clear plastic collection bag, It is then placed under a microscope to assess quality, volume and mobility.


Healthy canine semen should be pearly white or translucent.


Sperm has to travel up the bitch’s tract toward the eggs and so measures how well sperm is moving and in the right direction.


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